The reliability and sustainability of facilities and their supporting infrastructure is ensured through management and maintenance of facilities and technical systems throughout their life cycle. Management and maintenance is based on maintenance standards and our own experience in maintenance of facilities and technical systems in the building sector.

The Dispatch Centre and the administrative department are the fundamental components of our organisation for the performance of activities in this area. They perform the tasks of receiving user requests and dispatching work orders which comply with the requests and needs of the user. They also perform operational enforcement and monitoring of regular maintenance tasks.

Field operations are performed by qualified technicians, divided into on-site support units and mobile teams. Mobile teams of FM technicians are distributed throughout seven service regions all over Croatia and perform regular checks, maintenance, repairs and emergency responses in coordination with project managers and the Dispatch Centre. The distribution of the service regions enables the mobile teams to reach the maintained buildings in a very short period of time. A 24/7 helpdesk service for emergency responses is also available.

All team members use the CAFM system, which enables them to track all key parameters necessary for the operation of the FM service in real time, such as the status of particular standing work orders, expenses and expended resources. With CAMFS, we create reports of performed activities, energy consumption and the status of buildings, as well as create task performance plans.

For the purpose of assessment within Facility Management, our employees conduct tests and measurements using our own specialised equipment.

We conduct independent measurements of the power and voltage status, transitional occurrences, medium voltage measurements, thermal imaging, measurement of air conditioning and ventilation parameters, work environment tests, etc. 

Technical maintenance service offices

  • Dispečerski centar
  • On-site facility crews and mobile FM technicians
  • 24/7 helpdesk
  • Our own specialised equipment