From concept to management
The concept of Facility Management for large-scale systems. We offer business solutions in management and maintenance of facilities and supporting infrastructure We are able to offer an analysis of Facility Management (FM) using the due diligence process, which consists of an analysis of the existing state of the facilities, supporting infrastructure, processes and FM organisational scheme. We use the results to develop the optimal FM concept.
The implemented FM concept, based on the needs and particularities of the user, is carried out through process individualisation, i.e. implementation of singular activities of management and maintenance. Years of experience and professional references in outsourcing of FM processes guarantee that the user’s FM concept will be successfully executed.
For the user, the application of the FM concept ensures the implementation of management and maintenance standards, as well as all statutory and environmental norms. Through outsourcing, the full responsibility is transferred to the provider of the FM service, which results in organisational and expense optimisation.
We can assess the required level of management and maintenance by observing the life cycle of the facility and the supporting infrastructure, as well as the investments that would be required during the period of their usage to make sure they are efficient and sustainable throughout their life span.


Integrated facilities management 
Integrated facilities management is the unification of all processes in the area of facility and supporting infrastructure management.
Integrated facilities management enables the user to be unburdened by the processes that are not part of their core business and to transfer the responsibility for their execution. Integral facilities management can be the result of a process of outsourcing, or applied as a concept to new facilities with no particular organisational scheme.

For the purposes of operational execution of processes, we assembled a team of engineers, technicians, as well as administrative and commercial personnel. Our experts are trained to manage technical systems and are appropriately certified.

Concept, implementation and management

  • Production of a Facility Management Concept
  • Implementation of the Outsourcing Model
  • Life cycle management
  • Project management
  • Property managment
  • Process managment
  • Organisational optimisation