Managing energy and media supply, energy efficiency

As a technology-oriented company, we are active in the field of energy and energy efficiency. The main objective of Energy Management is the optimisation of expenses of energy and media consumption of facilities, as well as maintaining the required availability of energy and media supply. The result is reduction of primary energy consumption and reduction of C02 emission and of other hazardous gases.

The application of Energy Management measures covers the entire life cycle of the facility, starting with the planning stage, through execution to the stage of efficient management in different phases of usage.

After monitoring energy consumption and analysing the functionality of the energy supply system, the next step is the implementation of optimisation and improvement measures within regular FM activities or investments.

For the purpose of Energy Management, we perform thermal imaging of the facility and technical systems using our own trained personnel and equipment:

      • checking for energy dissipation in the facility (building envelopes, measurement of thermal bridges)
      • checking heating in electrical systems, devices and installations
      • checking insulation in installations

We place special emphasis on regular monitoring and management of the operation of the main and auxiliary power supply of priority systems, with the purpose of enabling maximum reliability of the power supply network and enabling the quality of electricity in accordance with the standards in force (quality control of the power supply pursuant to the European standard EN50160 and other valid IEC standards).

Our experts are trained to perform daily checks of the operation of all power supply parameters (voltage, electricity, power, potential anomalies) using the BMS system. We also record the power and voltage conditions using our own power analysers and loggers.

After conducting the monitoring and measuring, we perform the steps of optimising peak demand, compensation of reactive power and power supply redundancies.

Energy management

  • Optimisation of expenses of energy and media consumption of facilities
  • Maintaining the required availability of energy and media supply
  • Reduction of C02 emission and of other hazardous gases